Ezee school partner progarm

Ezee school partner progarm
Why uoy should partner with Ezee school ERP?

Ezee School ERP is a tech tool designed to help schools manage their operations smoothly. It's cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, and it offers convenient mobile and web access. We created this product to support schools worldwide in their journey toward digital transformation, recognizing the huge potential in this field.

What's the partnership program?

We strongly believe in the power of teamwork. Our team consists of highly skilled individuals, each excelling in their respective fields. Together, we aim to make a significant impact on the education industry. To complement our strengths, we're seeking to establish an official sales team. To achieve this, we've launched an individual partnership program, inviting professionals or small enterprises to join us virtually. These partners play a crucial role in raising brand awareness through diverse marketing efforts. By spreading the word, we hope to reach more students while enhancing their own reputation within our community. Our partnership program offers two options referral partner and channel partner

A) Referral partner...

This partnership opportunity is perfect for individuals with connections in education but limited time to actively seek leads. As a referral partner, you can utilize your network to identify potential leads for Ezee school. Our internal sales team will take it from there, reaching out to these leads and closing deals. For every successful deal, you'll receive a share of the revenue.

B) Channel partner...

This partnership opportunity is tailored for educational service providers seeking to enhance their revenue and reputation through Ezee School ERP School Management Software. As our partner, we'll equip you with comprehensive product training and essential business insights to effectively expand your customer base using your own customized apps. With our support, you can target a reasonable number of customers annually and establish a strong foothold in your industry. Our dedicated sales professionals will guide you through the initial phases of business growth, collaborating on strategies that resonate with your local market. Through remote demonstrations, we'll showcase the value of our products and services to potential customers, helping you secure deals that align with their specific needs. As you gain experience and confidence in our product line, you'll have the opportunity to leverage our digital platform to further expand your customer base.

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