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School management software with attendance tracking
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An affordable, user-friendly ERP system designed to streamline school management with robust features.

Ezee School is an intuitive online platform designed to simplify the management and organization of educational institutions. Our goal is to minimize administrative burdens, saving time and effort for educators. By facilitating seamless communication and enabling easy access to study materials from any location, we enhance student learning experiences and streamline educational processes.

We're dedicated to enhancing daily communication and addressing operational, learning, and management challenges through tailored solutions. Our Android App incorporates key features to maximize convenience and efficiency for your team, ensuring smoother operations and improved productivity.

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From the very start, our vision has been far beyond just being another School ERP company with a limited customer base. We aimed to revolutionize technology in education by creating a platform that unites all stakeholders and fosters transparent, efficient community operation.

Our initial goal was to streamline school administration, but we soon realized the potential to create a unique student-teacher engagement tool. Working closely with hundreds of schools and thousands of students, we recognized the opportunity to enhance learning beyond traditional methods. This led us to develop a holistic approach, incorporating activities from students' free time into their overall educational experience.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable ERP school management system

whatsapp integration
Whatsapp Integration

Ezee school WhatsApp integration empowers school to send their daily communications through WhatsApp.

fully customizable
Fully Customizable

Ezee school fully customizable school ERP. you can integrate customize them as per your specific need.

Cloud-based school ERP
Cloud Servers & Security

Ezee school ERP is a cloud server based. your school data is completely secure and encrypted.

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We aspire to revolutionize students' learning experiences by leveraging technology to offer them interactive and enriched educational opportunities. Our vision entails empowering students to develop their skills and talents in innovative ways beyond the conventional classroom setting.

Cloud-based school management software for small schools

Let's build a new age school!

Ezee School ERP is a customize school management software that offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school mangment like admission,academic mangment, staff management, attendance. It is a one-stop solution platform that integrates various deature like RFID, SMS, mobile app etc.

Customizable school management software for private schools
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