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Next generation school ERP Software

Revolutionize education with advanced management software solutions with Ez school ERP system. Best school erp software your school admissions to attandance makes 99% of manual work comfortable, resulting in hassle-free and paper less management.


Ezee school fully customizable school ERP software. you can integrate the number of features available here and customize them as per your specific need.

Fees Collection

Easy and flexible fees collection, automated notification for paid & dues fees. dues and paid fees report auto generate.

Transport Managment

Experience hassle-free school bus management with our school ERP software. Along with live tracking of students, also manage bus fees.

RFID attandance

Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking! Our student RFID attendance system simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and security while saving time for teachers and providing peace of mind for parents.

Exam Managment

Makes grading tasks effortless! Our school ERP automates exam result generation, provides comprehensive marksheets faster, streamlines administrative processes for teachers and increases reporting accuracy for school records.

School App

You can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated android mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with ezee ERP and stay connected with everyone.

Smart Attendance System With SMS Notification

  • We have an automated RFID based attendance system with SMS notification to parents.

  • The system checks attendance using RFID cards as well as notifies parents when the student enters and leaves the academic premises.

  • When the student scans the card on the RFID reader, the system recognizes the student and checks whether it is a valid student card or not. If the student is valid, the system records the attendance and also sends an SMS notification about the student to the student's parents. Thus parents are alerted when the student enters or exits the campus. This can provide peace of mind to parents.

School management software with attendance tracking

Watch demo video

  • We understand your concern and for that, we have made an ultimate DEMO video that will help you in understanding the structure and working of the school management software. The demo video will also provide the complete user exprience of the product and help you in taking the right decision.

  • It’s A complete ezee school ERP software to manage (admission, attendance, examination, mark sheet, fees, payroll, messaging etc.) for unlimited students.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable ERP school management system

School management software with parent communication features
Whatsapp Integration

Ezee school WhatsApp integration empowers school to send their daily communications through WhatsApp.

Customizable school management software for private schools
Fully Customizable

Ezee school fully customizable school ERP. you can integrate customize them as per your specific need.

Cloud-based school management software for small schools
Cloud Servers & Security

Ezee school ERP software solutions is a Cloud-Based. Your school data is completely secure and encrypted.

Why should you choose Ezee school ERP?

Ezee school ERP helps educational institutions to make the most of the software and hardware technologies they have. Our goal is to digitalize schools so that they can adapt to meet the day-to-day challenges these schools face. Over time, we have developed a deep understanding of what challenges are preventing organizations from going digital, and how we can help them achieve their full potential in terms of efficiency and output. Make a digital educational management with Ezee school ERP. Manage student data with student information system. Streamline academic processes with an academic management system, and handle administrative tasks with ease with school administration software.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable

Ezee ERP school have designed a Next generation school management solution tool. It is complete end-to-end school manage web base software. It is very easy to operate and can even be used by any staff member lacking in computer knowledge.

User-friendly school management software Ezee school
Free Online School Management System 2024

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No per student pricing - Now you don't need to worry about per-student pricing like others. 100 or 10,000 students make no difference.

We don't close your account even if you don't want to continue, so you don't have to worry about last year's data.

We believe that you don't just buy software from us, we believe in relationships. We believe that we are committed to the highest quality service for you

Ezee School - The only software you'll need to run your school

Managing a school is not an easy task. the enormity of the processes involved can be overwhelming. Ezee school management keep students, teachers and parents on the same page with customized dashboards and email/SMS notifications on web and mobile.

Data Secure, Regular Updates & Support
  • Ezee school ERP Cloud Based software is always online, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. We will take care of your data is secure, reliable, and easy to use and manage.

  • We add new and awesome features regularly to make our school administrative software unmatchable. Free online 24/7 support for users

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  • We provide everything you will ever need to run an education institution. No customization required

  • Along with online support, we also provide on-demand and webinar-based training to our clients.


Digitalize our school

Mobile-friendly school management software options
Integrated accounting features in school management software

Let's build a new age school!

Ezee School ERP is a customize school management software that offers end-to-end solutions for every phase of school mangment like admission,academic mangment, staff management, attendance. It is a one-stop solution platform that integrates various deature like RFID, SMS, mobile app etc.

All-in-One School Management Solutions from Ezee school
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Over 1680+ Schools Are Already Using 10,70,500+ Student

Automates student attendance system!

An attendance system for schools that automates the process and sends SMS notifications.

Best School Management Software 2024 Ezee school

An affordable, user-friendly ERP system designed to streamline school management with robust features.

  • Free 30 days trial

  • Exclusive Support

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Everything you need to know before getting started

How secure is my school's data with Ezee School ERP?

Our top priority is ensuring data security. To achieve this, we employ the HTTPS protocol along with regularly updated SSL certificates to secure data transmission. Additionally, we implement system-based firewalls to fortify our data protection measures.

Do you have a free trial?

Experience the School ERP platform free for a month. Begin your trial today with no obligations, and choose your preferred plan when you're ready. Take advantage of this opportunity to explore the features and benefits firsthand before making any commitments.

Is there any customer support available?

Certainly, our support extends to both customers and the community. With our free plan, you'll have access to community support, where our dedicated team ensures your questions are addressed promptly, typically within a 24-hour timeframe.

How can Ezee ERP school management software benefit?

How does using school management software help schools? It makes things like paperwork and communication easier, which means teachers and staff can spend more time focusing on students. Plus, it helps schools make better decisions based on data and keeps everything running smoothly for everyone involved.

Is Ezee School ERP customizable to suit specific needs?

Every school is different, and having software like this means it can be tailored to our needs. Whether changing the way things work, adding special features, or connecting to other devices, Ezee school ensures customization can be tailored to your needs.

What level of technical support is provided with school management software?

Dedicated support team: Get assistance from knowledgeable experts who are ready to help you quickly with any technical issues or questions.

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  • RFID Integration

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  • Unlimited Student

  • RFID Integration

  • Admin Mobile APP

  • Teacher Mobile APP

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